What Made Me

Ricky “Rico” Heeraman was born in the heart of the culture, the mecca of graffiti art known as the Bronx, NYC. This inner city kid was intrigued & fascinated by many things but one thing that stuck with him was the art he grew up around. He recalls his morning walks to school, having an opportunity to get a first hand look at authentic graffiti pieces done by well-known respectable writers was just a spark to what would ignite his current empire, “The Rico Collection”.

Rico later on in his life moved to Paterson, NJ another inner city ghetto that wouldn’t allow kids to dream. Where he grew up in NY & NJ kids were forced to grow up quickly because of life experiences that were happening everyday. His friends & peers would get caught up in the midst of becoming statistics for the inner city stereotypes. But this…..this is where he separates himself from the rest, there is no conforming accepted.

Rico explained he wasn’t the type to be easily influenced by negative temptations that surrounded him day to day. He kept a level head & stood strong, with the strong support from his family he used ART as a form of ESCAPE, as a form of COMMUNICATION, as a form of EMOTIONAL, MENTAL & PHYSICAL EXPRESSION, as a form of PERCEPTION, as a form to make IDEAS. He used art that he grew up around and addressed issues that weren’t brought up to societies attention.

In his art, Rico uses his vibrant color mixes, NYC graffiti street style, & pop art style to merge a very unique body of work that is very unique and rare. He uses these methods to draw the audience in but there are always hidden messages behind all of the beauty. Most of the time the messages are dark messages, messages the media, government, and etc. doesn’t shine light on.

He talks about real emotions, real love, real desires, real pain, things people used to feel comfortable talking about and expressing but over the course of the years we’ve diminished this sense of intimacy because of the “CUT-THROAT” society we’ve become. Now it’s a dog eat dog world out there, and if you’re not savage enough to survive, you’ll get left behind. Rico realizes the world shouldn’t be like this, it needs to be restored to a point where its all love again, a point where we can live peacefully. Which is why in all of his paintings he includes the “Eye of Horus” for everything it represents; wealth, health, power, & prosperity. He feels like communicating to the world through something so beautiful such as art can make the people become one again.

All of his pieces are 100% original hand made. He spends an extensive amount of time researching new topics for his new paintings. Rico never went to Art School however he said he is self- taught. Reading many books and learning many different styles from various artists such as Banksy, Keith Haring, Basquiat, Retna, Andy Warhol, Dali, Rothko, Michelangelo, COPE2, Revok, KAWS, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Monet, RISK, OSGEMEOS, Dondi, Vhils, TAKI183, Ron English, and many others.

Rico promises to preserve the culture he once grew up around, the same walls he used to walk to school to as a kid are the same walls he wishes to preserve for the community, it represents culture, where we grew up, it represents the hard ships, it represents the beauty in an ugly life….