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Panda Harlem Mural

March 2022
Harlem, NY

The owners of the upcoming restaurant “Panda” located uptown in Harlem, NY commissioned Rico to complete a mural. Coming in at a whopping 5,000 square foot space, Rico was given creative freedom to fill the restaurant top to bottom, front to back with colorful, vibrant artwork. And he delivered!!! Painting 2 bar areas, DJ booth, 4 hallways, 1 VIP dining area, 1 main dining area, & a front entrance lobby area. Everywhere you walk, & look you’re guaranteed to be touched by beautiful vibrant pop art mixed with graffiti. 

Panda Harlem

Panda Harlem

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Sei Less Mural

January 2022
New York, NY

Rico was commissioned by the owners of the Chinese cuisine hotspot known as “Sei Less” to do a mural in their private VIP dining area of the restaurant. Given creative freedom, he came up with the mural concept as he painted. He painted solely based off emotions, vibes, & thoughts of the restaurant concept/environment. This masterpiece also glows in the dark under UV fluorescent blacklight. Since completing this mural, A-list celebrities have been seen in the private dining area taking flicks with the beautiful art. Truly a masterpiece to be seen in person.