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Honeysuckle/HoneyMag Studios Interview

Honeysuckle Interview x Ricky "Rico" Heeraman

April 2024

New York, New York

In a collaboration between Honeysuckle Studios and the renowned THCNYC museum, the spotlight shone brightly on an artist destined for recognition in the 4/20 issue. Delving into the artist's journey from childhood to the present, the interview traced the roots of artistic passion and ambition. From seminal murals like "Sei Less" and "Panda" adorning notable establishments to the exploration of ceramics as a medium of expression, the conversation showcased the artist's multifaceted creativity. Intriguingly, the dialogue expanded to include the role of cannabis and psychedelics as catalysts within the artist's innovative process. With a resolute dedication to art spanning a lifetime, the interview offered a captivating glimpse into the artist's enduring commitment to leaving a legacy in the world of creativity and beyond.

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