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"Nostalgia" Solo Exhibition June 2021

“Nostalgia” Solo Exhibit

June 4th-30th 2021

New York, NY

Rico held his first Solo Art Show at CJ One Art Gallery in New York City. He had 16 new paintings on display of all types of different mediums, & styles.

“NOSTALGIA” Often we reminisce about things in the past who has made us who we are today. From TV media, music, movies, cartoons, friends, family & life experiences these are influences of what can produce “NOSTALGIC” moments that we’ll always remember. We cherish & reminisce these moments on the other side of the glass of our memory’s museum because we know we’ll never get to feel that moment in the physical again. We stop for a minute in our present life, to think back about all “The Good Times”. To Ricky, his best times were in the midst of the 90s & 2000s, growing up in that era was a one of a kind experience, that he portrays in his paintings for his first solo show called, “NOSTALGIA”.

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