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Rico's 1st Ceramic/Sculpture Exhibit

"Come Rain or Shine" - Group Exhibition

September 2023

Montclair, NJ (Ria X Gallery)

This was Ricky "Rico" Heeraman's first ceramic exhibit. At this point Ricky was only doing pottery for just about a year. Trying to master the craft in a short time, he soon came to realize this is a life long craft that you'll be learning for life. Unexpectedly, he was invited to exhibit some of his early pieces. Eager to show off his skills that he honed by himself, he started creating. For the show he made the following by hand...A graffiti waterfall fountain overgrown with moss, that is fully functional. He sculpted hands holding a vase. Ricky made a Vase that served for multiple purposes such as an incense burner and zen garden. Last but not least, he made a custom lamp. Everything was handmade in the pottery studio on the wheel. Ricky "Rico" Heeraman is focused on still gaining knowledge in this craft and looks forward to exhibiting some more of his ceramic pieces.

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