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The Rico Collection Goes to Miami Art Basel

December 5-9, 2018

For the first time, The Rico Collection will be on display at Miami Art Basel 2018. Many years of works have been archived, waiting for their moment to shine infront of the right audience and the right collectors. Rico plans on bringing the New York street art culture down to Miami. Works will be on display from December 5th-9th, 2018. In addition to attending the Spectrum Miami show, he plans on teaching at a few classes for the locals in the area, as well as participating in street art murals around Wynwood. Keep an eye out we're sure Rico has a lot of hidden surprises in store for his first Art Basel appearance.


The Rico Collection at NYSE Charity event on Wall Street, NYC

November 1, 2018

The Rico Collection participated in a charity event hosted on Wall Street at the New York Stock Exchange in partnership with Members Handicapped Children's Fund. A non-profit organization dedicated to aiding and helping many handicapped, and disabled children as well as institutions that serve their needs. Rico donated his infamous bugs bunny piece where it accrued many bids. Great night for a great cause

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Local Bronx Artist Revitalizes NYC Restaurant Graffiti Alley

September 25, 2018

In September, Rico reached out to the owners of Jue Lan Club located in the Chelsea area of NYC. Rico wanted to display his art in the restaurants hip culture. All it took was one meeting for the Owners to admire his work, and they hired Rico to start the mural & paintings right away. Rico painted the outdoor graffiti alley area. Notorious for its celebrity appearances, private parties, listening parties, and etc. Along with the graffiti murals on the brick walls, he painted 4 6 foot massive paintings of Disney characters that the owner wanted with an urban twist to them. Now its a huge hit for the restaurant. You can now visit a piece of "The Rico Collection" at Jue Lan Club located at 49 W 20th St. New York, NY


The Rico Collection at NYC SoHo Art Show

October 2018

Rico participated in a huge art show in collaboration with Dacia Gallery & SoHo Art show. There were approximately 20 other artists showcasing various types of works, from paintings to sculptures in a huge elegant art space located in the heart of SoHo.

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