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Wine Glasses

April 2024

Custom wine set for a service for 4 people. Custom hand thrown wine stems & plates. Wine glass bulb is fused to the stems.

Tea Time

September 2023

A unique intricately designed tea set for a service of 4 people. Including a Teapot w/lid, Milk pourer, Sugar bowl, 4 tea cups, & 4 tea cup plates

Smoke Break

September 2023

Set of intricately designed unique ashtrays

Espresso Time

September 2023

Espresso serving pourer along with 2 petite espresso cups

Coffee Carafe 

September 2023

Carafe to serve coffee or herbal tea


September 2023

Serving Bottle/Dish typically for sake

Emerald Collection

May 2023

This collection is Rico's first collection ever made with a custom glaze combination. Enjoy pieces from small vases, ashtrays, ramen bowls, to even stash jars. A small collection including many stunning pieces.

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